Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Why Siberia?

This picture shows the large preponderance of coniferous trees in the taiga, which also is attributed to World Wildlife Fund's nickname as the "largest tract of unbroken forest in the world." Courtesy of <sras.org>.
When thinking of Siberia, most people conjure up this stereotypical snowy image. Courtesy of <tourism-review.com>.

I chose to report on the Eastern Siberian Taiga because I find that it so interesting that these two divergent views of one land mass can be reconciled. Thus, as seen in the pictures above, on one hand it is a snowy, barren land, while on the other hand, it is green and full of natural resources that the local economy depends on. Additionally, I have always been fascinated with Russian culture, as well as Siberian culture and the differences between east and west Eurasia.

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