Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What can be done?

To maintain a healthy balance between people and the taiga, Russia could enforce stricter legislation that deals with protection of animal habitats against poaching and the murder of animal populations for the sale of fur. This is especially aimed at the Siberian tigers, since they are in dire need of protection. WWF has already created a project that aims to preserve tiger populations in this region, with goals ranging from the allocation of funds to specific conservation groups to collaborating with Russian scientists about conservation goals. Additionally, if more conservation groups could facilitate educational systems to populations about the current state of the taiga in relation to the tiger, it would raise awareness and promote more conscientiousness from a wider range of people. In terms of protection of the forests from clear-cutting, a more eco-friendly, sustainable way to extract timber could be devised, such as partial cutting which still extracts timber yet maintains the animal populations. All in all, this area will continue to be a center of resources such as wood and oil, and to sustain not only the economy but also the nature, measures must be taken to ensure safe practices that combine ecological concerns with technological realities.

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