Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What about the future?

The main lucrative trade of logging, clear-cutting for timber will continue to prevail in this region, since it is a mainstay to the local economy of the region. This is especially given the distance of the taiga from major metropolitan centers, thus the local economy and infrastructure depends upon the natural resources. Many of the Siberian people are nomadic as well, so as people become more sedentary, the tradition of logging and extracting valuable resources such as oil and petroleum will only increase with time. This region will also most likely be greeted with technological achievements like hydroelectricity, since the area is abundant with resources from the land, as proved by the picture of petroleum areas below. Unfortunately, poaching will continue to be a problem until fast measures are taken to protect the animals and natural habitats. This is especially crucial to the Siberian Tiger, since the population endemic to the taiga is dwindling more and more everyday, as noted above.

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