Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Benefits and protection for the taiga

In terms of benefits that people gain from the taiga, there is a large reliance on products harvested such as wood/timber, as well as oil, gas and other necessary materials for present-day living. There are also plans for hydroelectric projects for this area as well, which would provide yet another source of energy and viable economic gains.
With regards to protected areas of the taiga, there is a network of protection services that seeks to maintain the taiga and its large, diverse amounts of flora and fauna. These are known as zapovedniks, and are areas of the taiga that have been preserved and protected. In 2011, Russia reported having 101 zapovedniks and 38 national parks, which proves the existence of protection infrastructure for this ecoregion. However, this network of protection services for each sub-area is not as strong as it could be, for the large size of the taiga prevents the existence of any structured, purely organized network, making these protective areas not as powerful. Below is an example of the division of Russian lands into zapovedniks, as well as wildlife refuges and national parks.

Courtesy of <https://www.zsl.org/conservation/regions/asia/amur-tiger-camera-trapping-in-lazovsky-nature-reserve-in-the-russian-far-east,82,PS.html>.

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